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The Benefits of Local Funeral and Cremation Services in Marshall, TX

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Are you looking for funeral homes and cremation services in Marshall, TX? If "yes", you're in the right place. We have happily served Marshall, TX since 1993. The benefit of choosing East Texas Funeral Home is that we honor your budget and assist in designing the perfect event for your family traditions. Whether you are looking for direct cremation or a full, formal funeral, we provide the full support you need every step of the way. Call us at (903) 757-8898 for immediate assistance today.

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As with many other industries, corporations have been changing the landscape of funeral services in recent years. For a long time, only local businesses offered funeral planning support. But, some of these family-owned businesses have been sold to larger companies, which can have an impact on the quality of services offered to families. If you need funeral and cremation support in Marshall, TX, you won’t regret the decision to work with a family-owned business.

At East Texas Funeral Home, we understand the community and know the importance of maintaining your family traditions. Our team provides a variety of benefits that come from working with a local company.  


Benefits of Local Funeral and Cremation Services in Marshall, TX 


Here are some of the reasons why you will be glad that you chose a family-owned business: 

  • A Staff that Understands the Community: The smallest nuances of a community can play a big role in the traditions and practices included in the funeral services. When a funeral home is reporting to a corporate office, this personalization changes. At East Texas Funeral Home, we work hard to maintain relationships in the local community to ensure the highest levels of service are offered when families need support.  
  • Affordable Funeral Packages: The pricing of funeral services varies depending on the specific details included in each funeral package. But rest assured knowing that a local business can pass the savings onto you by minimizing overhead costs. Corporate funeral companies need to report to shareholders, which means that they might be focused more on the bottom line than on their customers.
  • Personalized Options: Every funeral should be as unique as the person being honored. If you want a truly personalized event, then the best solution is to hire a local company. At East Texas Funeral Home, we focus on the traditions and unique requests of each family, making it easy to design services that create a memorable day for your loved ones.
  • Convenient Facilities: Minimize your travel time for the funeral by choosing a funeral home that is near your family. Convenience is essential, especially when you need to travel to the funeral home multiple times before the event. On the day of the funeral, you will be glad that you didn’t have to spend hours in the car.
  • Compassion and Care: At East Texas Funeral Home, we truly care about building real relationships with our clients. When you choose our family-focused funeral home, you will see that we provide care for both the deceased and the living. Our team dedicates the time you need as you are evaluating your options and designing the right funeral services.

Designing the Right Event for Your Loved One


What is the best way to design a funeral service? The specifics of the event vary depending on your requests and preferences. We offer full-service solutions for those clients that desire traditional funerals. You can talk to our team about everything from embalming to the funeral procession, graveside services, printed programs, and more.  

At the same time, a variety of alternative funeral plans are also available. You might decide that memorial services are a better fit for your loved ones. A memorial can be as formal or informal as you prefer. It is often similar to a traditional funeral. But the casket is not present at the event. 

Another option for funeral and cremation in Marshall, TX is to design a life celebration. This party-like event can include the person’s favorite foods, activities, and music. Some families want to celebrate the accomplishments of the deceased instead of having a formal, sit-down service. This event can be held at any location of your choice, including a park or back yard if desired. 

What better way to celebrate the life of your loved one than with an event? A funeral service or celebration could be held at a mausoleum

Finally, don’t overlook the benefits that come with cremation. Choosing direct cremation means that you will receive basic services to reduce the body to ashes. Then, your family has the full flexibility to decide what to do after the cremation is finished. For example, you might hold a small memorial at home with a few of your closest friends and family. Or, some people want to keep it simple with a quiet ceremony when the ashes are scattered. 

Funeral Planning, Your Way


The most important thing to remember is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to plan funeral services. When you are honoring a loved one, you can show how much you care by designing an event that maintains family traditions and respects the desires of the deceased.  

Our team is here to assist with every detail for funeral and cremation planning in Marshall, TX. You are invited to schedule a consultation with us at East Texas Funeral Home. We have a beautiful funeral home that can be used for the event, located at 6522 McCann Rd, Longview, TX 75605. Call at your convenience: (903) 757-8898

The Cost of Cremation in Marshall, TX

The cost of cremation in Marshall, TX can range from $1,200 to $2.500 depending on the service provider and additional services requested. A cremation usually includes transportation of the deceased, cremation process, and a basic container for ashes. Additional services such as a memorial service or urns are often available for an extra fee.

Many service providers offer discounts for veterans and pre-planning services or one-time payments. Families can save money by researching various providers ahead of time while still honoring their loved one's final wishes.

Cremations have several advantages over other end-of-life services including significantly lower costs since no visitation or embalming is required compared to traditional burial services. When planning end-of-life services in Marshall, TX families should take time to research all their options and understand what expenses may be associated with cremations before making their final decision.

Funeral & Cremation

What happens when a person cremated?

The body will be ready to be placed in a container. The container with the body is placed to the cremation chamber then after cremation the remaining metal from the remains are removed. The last step of cremation is placing the ashes into the urn provided by the family. Know about cremation.

Can human ashes be scattered everywhere?

If you wish to have your ashes scattered somewhere, it is important to discuss your wishes to be scattered ahead of time with the person or persons who will actually have to do the cremation ashes scattering ceremony, as they might want to let your funeral professional assist in the scattering ceremony. Know more about cremation. 

What can be done with the cremated remains?

The cremains can be interred in a cemetery plot, i.e., earth burial, retained by a family member, usually in an urn, scattered on private property, or at a place that was significant to the deceased. Know more about cremation.

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